Impossibility (And the Reality of the Event)

by Trifocal Interlude (Zippynk)

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Impossibility (and the reality of the event) is my first album, an EP.

Go ahead and listen! Download for bonus tracks.

Note: This music is old. I'm a much better performer, composer, and producer than I was when I recorded this album. The software I'm using is also significantly better. My next album will be better than this. If you still want to listen to this album (trust me you still should, there's still some good songs on it), I reccomend the songs marked in red first. Then you can listen to the other stuff.


released April 30, 2012

Everything: Zippynk and Software Instruments
Broken Record was created with a small spark of inspiration from jslomba on

Created in GarageBand without preset loops.


tags: pop California



Trifocal Interlude (Zippynk) California

Hello, I'm Nathan Krantz-Fire, a high school student, vocalist, clarinetist, composer, and music producer.

I create music of various genres, including Classical(ish), Pop, Rock, Electronic, Folk, and Jazz, as well as occasionally the occasional cover recording.

I'm sometimes referred to on the internet as Nelson Baker Kelvin, Zippynk, Znk, and Trifocal Interlude (my artist name).
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Track Name: The Scratch Song
Scratch is place where I program brand new things
And with a site like that what a community it brings
And forums - thirty people logged on at a time
And it doesn't cost a cent, no not even a dime

Gotta check what's going on, so I'll log on real soon
I liked it so much, I decided to write this tune
And if it sounds like good then you could join too
(Visit me anytime at)!
Track Name: Broken Record
I know how to s-s-sound like a broken record

Sound like a
Sound like a
I know how to sound like a record

I know how to s-s-sound like a broken record

Record like a
sound like a
I know how to sound like a broken record!

Broken record