Freeze​-​Dried Beat Fried - Single

by Trifocal Interlude (Zippynk)

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After several months of not really releasing anything, I've released a single! It includes both Freeze-Dried Beat Fried, and, as a bonus, With Ketchup on the Side.

These are two songs from an upcoming album which will contain both this kind of music and longer vocal mixes.

Also, they're licensed under a different license than my last album, Impossibility (And the Reality of the Event), so be sure to read the license carefully and follow it.


released September 29, 2012

Everything = Zippynk and MIDI

Made in Logic Express

Drums on Freeze-Dried Beat Fried are based off Hip Hop Kit Ultrabeat Sequencer


tags: pop California



Trifocal Interlude (Zippynk) California

Hello, I'm Nathan Krantz-Fire, a high school student, vocalist, clarinetist, composer, and music producer.

I create music of various genres, including Classical(ish), Pop, Rock, Electronic, Folk, and Jazz, as well as occasionally the occasional cover recording.

I'm sometimes referred to on the internet as Nelson Baker Kelvin, Zippynk, Znk, and Trifocal Interlude (my artist name).
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Track Name: With Ketchup on the Side
Beat fried
With the ketchup
On the side


Beat fried
Beat fried